Iceland: Lawsuit challenges ban on gay men donating blood

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Describing the current policy as “a clear example of discrimination”, a man in Iceland is set to sue in order to lift the ban on gay men donating blood.

Troy Michael Jonsson, 27, said he is seeking legal advice on how best to challenge the law.

Currently, the rules state that a man cannot give blood “if you have had sex with the same gender.”

Mr Jonsson said the need for blood transfusions is at a high, and that there is no real argument against gay men being allowed to donate blood.

He compared the ban on excluding an ethnic group from donating blood, saying: “”Our blood is not infected. This is a completely clear example of discrimination based on sexual orientation.”

Mr Jonsson’s lawyer said the legal case is being built, and said because blood is screened before use, there is no need for the ban.

He argues that the ban conflicts with the Icelandic Constitution, and the country’s membership of the United Nations.