Harry Styles cuddled Sir Ian McKellen and it was adorable

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Sir Ian McKellen and singer Harry Styles shared a cuddle on TV last night.

The actor was appearing on the Graham Norton show to promote the latest Hobbit film, when he was introduced to the members of One Direction.

The actor jokingly berated the boy-band for standing him up once before, when they were due to visit the set of The Hobbit in New Zealand during a tour.

He said: “You were meant to come and see us filming, the day after your final concert. So I thought I’d go and have a look at them, see who they are – very enjoyable! It was just you, no fireworks, quite a small theatre.

“They didn’t turn up the next day to visit us. Because why? I don’t know. What had happened on your last night… [mimes drinking]”

Harry Styles tried to make it up to the actor, confessing to having watched all three of the Lord of the Rings films in one sitting.

Harry Styles cuddled Sir Ian McKellen and it was adorable

In a moment that wouldn’t be out of place in One Direction fan fiction, Styles told the actor “You’re amazing”, before placing his head on his shoulder and giving him a cuddle.

Needless to say, the band’s got a little bit excited on Twitter.

There’s even fanart now:

Watch the clip below: