Obama and Harry Styles ‘had sex’ tabloid turns out to be photoshopped

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A tabloid newspaper cover from the US which claimed to state that President Obama and Harry Styles “had sex”. has been revealed to be a convincing photoshop job.

The hoax was of the National Examiner, a US supermarket tabloid, and was real, other than the mention of One Direction Star Harry Styles.

The cover (of the actual paper) reads: “Obama Hid Gay Life Style To Be President!”, with “Marriage to Michelle IS A SHAM!” and “He had sex with THIS MAN,” with an arrow pointing to a man.


The real version of the cover

On the photoshopped version, an arrow pointed to a picture of Harry Styles – but the One Direction star was not present in the actual edition.

National Examiner

The photoshopped version

“>Social media lit up with rumours last month as Harry Styles made a vague, probably joking, comment suggesting he might be bisexual.