Meet the gay pensioner with a magnetic nose

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A man has been fitted with a magnetic nose – after having his original nose surgically removed.

71-year-old Richard Curry had his original nose removed when he was diagnosed with cancer that spread into his septum – requiring his nose to be surgically removed.

However, after a groundbreaking surgery last year to fit him with magnetic impants, Mr Curry – who lives with his partner James Rogerson in Loveclough, Lancashire – now has a fairly unique prosthetic.

He told the Daily Star: “Losing my nose was something of a shock, but I didn’t have much choice because this kind of cancer is one of the most dangerous you can get.

“I was just grateful it was caught in time and removed, and when they mentioned they could attach a new one with magnets, I just thought it was amazing.

He added that he previously had a nose that he would glue on, but it would  often cause issues.

He said: “In the early days I wasn’t quite sure how much adhesive to put on, and my stick-on nose would sometimes fall off in hot weather, for example.

“And there was an incident in Asda which gave the girl on the till a bit of a shock.

“The implants were all ready last September, after four months to bed in, and I was so pleased with the results that I wrote to the chief executive.”

“I just need to go in to get it touched up for colour every now and then, like before going on holiday so it matches my skin.”

Ear, nose and throat specialist Dr Paddy Morar told the Metro: “Cancers of the nose are not common at all, you probably only get one every three years or so, so this was a very unusual procedure.

“Magnets are used quite commonly with prosthetic ears, but this was the first time we had used them to attach a nose.

“Richard couldn’t have radiotherapy so it had to be surgery, and we were extremely impressed by his attitude throughout, he’s very strong character and a model patient.

“It just shows there is life after this kind of radical surgery.”