David Cameron: I will ‘never validate’ the DUP on its opposition to gay rights

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Prime Minister David Cameron has said he “will never validate” the DUP on its stance against same-sex marriage and other LGBT issues.

The Tory leader said he “profoundly disagreed” with the Democratic Unionist Party’s policy on the issue of LGBT issues.

Speaking at the Radio 1 Newsbeat’s Live Lounge leader debate, he also refused to rule out a Conservative DUP coalition.

During the debate, Mary Hassan, an audience member from Londonderry accused the DUP of doing “significant and long-term damage” to the LGBT community in Northern Ireland.

She said the DUP had “voted consistently against government bills to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation”.

“They’ve consistently blocked motions for marriage equality and uphold a gay blood ban and currently are putting forward the conscience clause bill.

“Now, I’d like to know – is staying in office more important that the LGBT community in Northern Ireland?” Ms Hassan continued.

Ms Hassan went on to challenge Mr Cameron to rule out a coalition with the DUP in a show of solidarity with the LGBT community. He responded that his party was aiming for a majority.

Mr Cameron responded: “I totally disagree with the DUP about this [LGBT] issue and nothing I ever do will go against the values I have about believing in equality and equal rights for gay and lesbian people and I’ve put that, as it were, on the line by supporting equal marriage.

“So I’m never going to change my views about that.”