Pro wrestler Matt Cage comes out as gay: I have nothing to hide

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Professional wrestler Matt ‘Money’ Cage has come out as gay, writing on Facebook that he has “nothing to hide any more.”

The 26-year-old wrote the frank message titled ‘Here Goes Nothing’, on his Facebook page earlier this week, saying he was sick of hearing rumours about himself.

The wrestler, real name Matt Hullum, said: “I truly have nothing to hide anymore. I spent my entire life lying, hiding and depressed because I felt like I couldn’t truly be who I wanted to be and live freely as I saw fit.”

He wrote that he had told his friends privately that he is bisexual, but suggested that he may just be gay, writing: “Sorry, ladies… I’m officially pulling myself off the market. Don’t hate me too bad.”

Later in the post, Cage said his parents, and several close friends already support him, noting that hiding his sexuality had led to years of depression and stress.

“Depression is a very real thing, and some people don’t understand that,” Cage wrote. “People often times cannot empathize. But know this: we are all human beings. We all have our own way, traits, personalities & things that make us our own person. Keep that in mind.”

The decision to come out has been welcomed by a number of fans and fellow wrestlers, as Cage said he plans to continue wrestling as before.

“I hope that the fans, the promoters and everyone else don’t change their opinions of me,” he wrote. “I was the same person yesterday as I am right now, just now, I have a bit more weight lifted off of my shoulders.”

Dreamwave Wrestling Champion Nick Brubaker wrote in the comments:  “Do you and if anyone has a problem, they can go fuck themselves. Or send them my way and I’ll take care of it.”