Photos: Caitlyn Jenner attends NYC Pride

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Reality star Caitlyn Jenner made a rare appearance at an NYC Pride event.

She was in town to see trans star Candice Cayne perform at the Downtown Dream Hotel.

Another attendee told E Online: “Everyone started chanting, ‘Caitlyn, Caitlyn. She got up and waved and smiled at everyone.”

“Everyone was cheering and then Caitlyn got up and took some selfies.”


Candice dedicated her song I Am A Woman to Jenner, who was dressed in white.

The step-parent to the Kardashians, Caitlyn Jenner revealed her new name as she appearedon the latest cover of Vanity Fair.



She attended with a group of friends, in what is a rare public appearance since her reveal in Vanity Fair.



Jenner recently shared a photo of her family for Father’s Day.

After Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover was revealed, actress Laverne Cox wrote a blog post criticising the focus on trans people’s appearances, and whether they conform to gender expectations.

She said previously of Jenner’s public coming out: “I think a lot of people tuned in expecting to see a spectacle, and they tuned in and saw a profoundly nuanced, complicated, beautiful human being.


Photos: vossevents, Mark Silver.