Watch: The Simpsons takes aim at Republican Donald Trump

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

The Simpsons is poking fun at Republican Presidential wannabe Donald Trump.

The billionaire  has had a terrible time since his campaign launched, stumbling from gaffe after gaffe.

He started off by claiming that Mexican immigrants include “rapists” and bring “drugs and crime” – and insisted he believe in ‘traditional’ marriage despite being married three times.

It was later alleged that the reality TV star – who has already been sacked by NBC – paid actors $50 each to pretend to support him at his Presidential launch.

The Simpsons take aim at Trump in a new animated short, which sees Homer recruited as part of the group of ‘supporters’ at the Republican’s campaign launch.

However, he becomes distracted by Trump’s ‘hair’, trying to touch the infamous mop before being caught by strands of hair and held on Trump’s balding scalp.

Homer observes: “It’s a gravity-defying combover. I can’t believe this was once on his ass!”

Trump previously explained he opposes same-sex marriage because he “just don’t feel good about it”.

Despite Mr Trump’s public opposition to the rights of gay couples to marry, actor George Takei said previously that Trump privately admitted he has attended a same-sex wedding and that he’d found it ‘beautiful’.