Watch: A gay escort explains why he loves his job

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

This gay escort went on film to talk about how much he genuinely loves doing what he does.

Kurtis Wolfe, who works as a porn actor as well as an escort, appears in this short video as part of the ‘#LoveWhatIDo’ series.


The video follows Wolfe throughout his daily routine

As well as performing mundane tasks like making a smoothie and going for a run, Wolfe talks about what makes him tick.


Wolfe says he loves what he does

Saying his career has been an “absolutely amazing experience” for him, Wolfe says he got into his profession to make himself more accessible to fans.


During the video, Wolfe goes on a shopping trip for a new cowboy hat

He also talks about loving to travel the world, which he says he might not have been able to do, had he not become an adult entertainer.


Watch the video below