Mayoral hopeful Ivan Massow fails to make Tory shortlist

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Out Tory politician Ivan Massow has failed to make the Conservative Party’s shortlist of candidates, to run for Mayor of London.

Mr Massow is an openly gay businessman who first rose to prominence in the 1990s, when he began offering financial services and insurance specially catered to gay people.

He announced earlier this year that he would seek the Conservative Party’s nomination to run for Mayor of London – but this week failed to make the shortlist for the party’s primary.

After meetings at CCHQ today, the party approved London Assembly member Andrew Boff, Deputy Mayor Stephen Greenhalgh, MEP Syed Kamall, and Tory MP Zac Goldsmith.

However, party outsiders Sol Campbell and Mr Massow failed to make the grade.

Awkwardly, the millionaire entrepreneur told PinkNews earlier this week that he had already sold all of his business interests in order to run for Mayor.

He said: “I think it’s about being very hands on… I’ve sold all my businesses, and all my interests to do this… probably slightly prematurely!”

Mr Massow added: “Just have a good day and do what I can do – and I will be as happy whatever the outcome is. I’ve had amazing ups and amazing downs in my time.

“What matters is calling your mum, and walking your dog, and meeting your friends – it just doesn’t matter. There will be plenty of opportunities, but whatever happens, this process has been the most enriching thing I’ve ever done.”

The Tory politician had launched a series of ads ahead of the vote, attempting to garner some grass-roots support.

Mr Massow attracted controversy last year when he complained that today’s gay scene seems “obsessed” with drugs and sex, resulting in an empty world of hedonism”.

Andrew Boff, who did make the shortlist, is also openly gay.