You’re going to want to know what Joanna Lumley just announced about Ab Fab

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Joanna Lumley made an exciting announcement for fans of Absolutely Fabulous today.

Speaking on This Morning, Lumley said the movie version of the famed series is happening.

While promising a “ravishingly funny” film, Lumley said the script for the feature film is finished, and production is due to start in October.

Jennifer Saunders, as well as returning to play Edina Monsoon, wrote the script.

“We are all there, the same old gang,” said Lumley. “Lots of people you will have seen in it before, I think we are going down to the south of France to do some of the shooting there

“It’ll all be shot on location. It is going to be ravishingly funny! Very gorgeous… and completely fabulous!”

Lumley also made the revelation that, when she returns to play Patsy, she may need a bit of help to achieve her famed iconic beehive.

“I usually use my own hair, and that’s usually for one show a week in front of an audience,” she explained. “But when you’re shooting for seven or eight weeks every day, I think I’ll give it a bit of a break.”

Co-stars Julia Sawalha, June Whitfield and Jane Horrocks will return as well as Lumley and Saunders.

Earlier this year, Saunders said: “All the main characters and virtually everyone that’s ever been in the series” will be in the film.