This bride’s bouquet toss ended with an amazing gay twist

See this San Diego bride turn matchmaker when her bouquet toss defies convention.

The tradition of the bouquet toss comes from early England, when women would try and rip bits of fabric or flowers off the bride’s dress as it was believed that it would bring good luck.

In order to get away from this – the bride would throw her bouquet and run.

Today the traditions aren’t as savage. The bride will throw her bouquet over her head, with the hope that whichever single woman catches it will be next to find love.

However San Diego bride Stephanie, changed the rules when she faked the throw and instead gave the bouquet to her gay friend.

The man’s partner then get down on one knee and asked the all important question to a roar of celebration from the crowd around them. The answer, although in tears, was “yes”.

The video was uploaded by blogger JoeMyGod – on who’s site one of the new grooms commented:

“LOL… I’m the guy sitting and crying in the video… how did you get this?! My partner Mark and I have been together for 9 yrs and recently moved to Portland. We came home to San Diego for Stephanie and Tony’s wedding and Mark surprised me… I said yes. ;)”