Bette Midler compared the GOP debate to Lenny Kravitz’s penis…

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Famed actress Bette Midler offered her two cents on the Republican leadership debate, and it was quite enjoyable.

The star took to Twitter to compare the debate to Lenny Kravitz, who had an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, when his genitals were fully exposed during a show in Stockholm.

She wrote: “Lenny Kravitz’s penis slipped out on stage? So what? Wait for the GOP Debate on tonight – there will be 10 dicks on stage!”

Bette Midler

At the event, Rick Santorum did not fail to disappoint.

The former Pennsylvania senator apparently failed to remember that he is adamantly anti-gay, and that he is a staunch opponent to equal rights for LGBT Americans.

He said: “The reason America is a great country, the reason is because our compassion is in our laws.

“When we treat everyone equally under the law, that’s when we feel good about being Americans.”

Just as a reminder – when the US Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that all Americans, in same or opposite-sex partnerships, have a constitutional right to marriage, Santorum responded in his usual fashion.

He said: “Today, five unelected justices decided to redefine the foundational unit that binds together our society without public debate or input,,, Now is the people’s opportunity respond because the future of the institution of marriage is too important to not have a public debate.”

In addition, he now wants to void gay marriages in all 50 states.

He claimed that same-sex couples getting married in the US will “disrupt the foundation of the world”, and believes homosexuality can be cured.