Sue Perkins opens up about ‘magical’ relationship with Anna Richardson

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Sue Perkins has spoken about her “magical” relationship with Secret Eaters host Anna Richardson.

The two TV presenters revealed that they were dating in January this year, when Anna Richardson spoke about dating Perkins after splitting from her boyfriend of 20 years.

Sue Perkins, the host of the enormously successful Great British Bake Off, spoke on Lorraine this morning.

She said of first meeting Richardson: “There was something sort of magical in the air – there was. We have a real laugh, that’s the thing.

“That’s what I want – I want joy in my life, and I’m lucky to have it.”
Sue Perkins
Referring to a picture of the pair, she said: “Look at us there… I look like a nutty professor who’s collared somebody much more beautiful!”

The presenter last month revealed that living with a brain tumour for eight years has stopped her having children.

She spoke to Lorraine about her experiences, after a doctor told her she could more “easily” accept being infertile because she is a lesbian.

The star recounted: “What I wanted to write about was not having a benign pituitary tumour, but the way I was told.

“It really was [upsetting]. Thankfully I’m with a really good consultant now who gets it, and we get regular checks.

“It was very difficult. As if something having kids is something that [gay women don’t do]. You’re a woman, it’s hard wired into our DNA!

“But it was at the point in my life anyway where I was on the cusp of being perhaps a little too old.”

She added of the tumour: “We all think in life that we’re invincible, and we go right on believing that until the moment we’re not.

“People were really lovely and wanted to know I was okay. I am okay.

“For those who don’t have such a benign brain tumour, I send all love – I’m very very fortunate.”