Bethany Black: ‘Once you do Doctor Who, people will try to lick you’

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Doctor Who actor Bethany Black has opened up about her experiences filming the flagship BBC program.

In an exclusive PinkNews interview, she gave an insight into how things can change when you enter the world of Doctor Who.

Bethany Black: ‘Once you do Doctor Who, people will try to lick you’

“It’s really not very glamorous at all,” she said, “it’s the biggest show in the world, 77 million viewers worldwide, and yet you’re still in a warehouse on the docks in Cardiff.”

When asked about what she could reveal about her role on the show, she said: “I am not allowed to say anything. Everything is on lockdown.

“With Doctor Who you get a pack from the BBC telling you what you are and aren’t allowed to say,” she explained.

“And also you should change your passwords on your email every week from the moment it’s been announced that you are going to be in Doctor Who.

“Because people will try and hack in and steal scripts and try and do all of these things.”

On the fans of the show, she explained “People get crazy obsessed with Doctor Who.”

“I was at the wrap party on Friday and one of the producers was saying ‘have you had any sniffers or lickers yet,’ I went ‘no, no’!

“He responded: ‘Ah, don’t worry, they’ll come, you’ll get them!’”

Bethany Black made history at the beginning of this year, becoming the first openly transgender actor to star as a trans character on a British TV series when she portrayed Helen in the Russell T Davies LGBT anthology shows Cucumber and Banana.

In the interview she also talked about the recent Germaine Greer controversy, saying ” I don’t think that no-platforming somebody is a particularly useful tactic because it backfires and I think that is what happened with Germaine Greer.

“She wasn’t going to be talking about trans stuff and people have said “this woman is dangerous, she shouldn’t be talking about trans stuff” so she then went and talked about trans stuff in an incredibly offensive way and managed to get that out to loads more people than she would have done.”

Back in February she responded to Germaine Greer’s claims that trans women don’t know what it is like “to have a big, hairy, smelly vagina,” by saying in an interview in the Independant “I do have a smelly vagina.”

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