This deleted lesbian storyline from Love Actually will break your heart

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An absolutely heartbreaking scene has been revealed to have been cut from Love Actually, featuring a lesbian couple.

The plot appears on the DVD extras of the Christmas film.

Love Actually1

Revealed by director Richard Curtis, the scene features an older lesbian couple who would have tied into the plot as all of the others.

Curtis revealed that a sub-plot about Emma Thompson’s character’s son, and his “stern” headmistress was cut.

Scenes featuring Thompson’s on-screen son were cut, meaning the tie-in with the headmistress played by Anne Reid, would no longer be there.

He said that meant the backstory of the headmistress, and her terminally ill partner, played by Frances de la Tour.

The completely moving scene is available to watch on the DVD extras, as well as below.

Check it out here, and bring a tissue:

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