Ever wanted to trump Donald Trump? Now you can!

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A new website has launched, lightening up the debate around the Republican presidential nomination.

TrumpDonald.Org allows users to do just that – Trump Donald.

Trump Donald

Using a trumpet, users can trump right in the Republican frontrunner’s face, causing his hair to fly up.

Childish? Yes, slightly. But the game sometimes lets users shower Trump in red, white and blue confetti.

His eyes also creepily follow the mouse curser around the screen.

At time of publication Trump had been trumped over 30 million times.

A subdued Trump was forced to admit defeat to rival Ted Cruz following the Iowa caucus this week.

Polls placed the businessman five points ahead of his rival, however it was the Texas senator who came out on top.

Trump – who recently ditched his support for same sex marriage – appeared before his supporters to thank them for their work – and to claim he would win in New Hampshire next week, before making a swift exit from Iowa.