Stephen Fry is now ‘leaving the UK’ after quitting Twitter

Stephen Fry and his husband are leaving the UK – after the star quit social media and hit out at negativity.

The actor, who was an early adopter of Twitter, faced strong criticism on the platform this week after comparing costume designer Jenny Beavan to a “bag lady”as she picked up a BAFTA.

After her acceptance speech, Fry joked: “Only one of the great cinematic costume designers would come to the awards dressed like a bag lady” – sparking a backlash.

One Telegraph columnist claimed that Fry’s comments were sexist – and illustrate that “a worrying number of gay men are misogynist”.

In a blog post after closing his Twitter account, Fry claimed that “too many people have peed in the pool”, slamming “nasty” users.

Fry’s husband Elliot Spencer, 28, told the Sun that the pair are also planning to leave the country and move to Hollywood.

He said:  “We’re moving to Los Angeles and I’m applying for a green card. We’re excited about having a new base.”

It comes after Fry stepped down as host of long-running panel show QI, with his last ever episode set to air on Friday.

Out comic Sandi Toksvig will step into his shoes as the host of the popular series.

Fry said previously of quitting QI: “I’m leaving QI really because I think 13 years is enough,

“It’s been incredibly good fun and I wouldn’t want to feel stale or for it to go sour on me in that sort of way, or for me to feel like I’m treading water or repeating myself.

“I do think it’s a good enough idea for it to have another host, and Sandi Toksvig couldn’t be a better choice. I’m very happy for the show to go on without me.”
Stephen Fry is now ‘leaving the UK’ after quitting Twitter
Of his plans for the future, Fry said: “I would hate to stop acting. I love film acting and acting in TV dramas – and writing.

“I hope to continue to write, and enjoy the pleasures of age.”