Man dressed as Sailor Moon crashes Donald Trump rally (VIDEO)

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A man dressed as Sailor Moon crashed a rally for Presidential wannabe Donald Trump over the weekend.

In a moment which would be unusual in any other election campaign, the bearded man in full cosplay was spotted at the billionaire reality TV star-turned politician’s rally in Atlanta.

The Sailor Moon anime is based on a young girl who is given magical powers alongside other Sailor Soldiers, to defend the planet against evil villains.

We couldn’t possibly comment on what Sailor Moon would be doing at a rally for Donald Trump – but artist/comic Bootymath decided to attend in full costume.

Attending the rally, the bearded activist stripped off his male clothing in the style of a Sailor Moon ‘transformation’, revealing the character’s blue skirt and white top underneath.

He then began animatedly chanting “USA! USA! USA!” alongside other attendees.

Sadly, the Trump campaign did not seem to appreciate the gesture – and Bootymath was escorted out of the building by police, who had been directed to remove him.

The man was directed towards a designated “protest area” well away from the venue, despite insisting that wearing a skirt doesn’t actually constitute a protest against Trump.
Man dressed as Sailor Moon crashes Donald Trump rally (VIDEO)
The original Sailor Moon anime – released in the US in 1995 – was subject to heavy censorship compared to the the Japanese source material, with lovers Sailors Uranus and Neptune portrayed as ‘cousins’.

However, a new restored version of the show was released a few years ago, finally restored the relationship between the pair, as well as several other LGBT characters.

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