Donald Trump changes mind on abortion after saying it should be illegal

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Donald Trump has revised his position on abortion, just days after claiming they should be illegal.

Speaking to MSNBC on Wednesday, the Republican Presidential frontrunner said he supports criminal punishments for women who have abortions.

Donald Trump changes mind on abortion after saying it should be illegal

Trump has previously voiced an opposition to legal abortions, but this is his strongest line on the issue.

Now in an interview with CBS, Trump has clarified.

He now says: “At this moment the laws are set. And I think we have to leave it that way.”

However Trump, not known for sticking with one position on any given issue, later said: “The laws are set now on abortion and that’s the way they’re going to remain until they’re changed.”

Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton tweeted about Trump’s words, to say they are “horrific and telling”.

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On the issue of abortion, Trump has made varied comments in the past.

In 2000, according to Mic, Trump said he was “very pro-choice in every respect”, but by 2012, had evolved to describe himself as “pro-life”.

However Trump still stands more liberally on abortion rights compared to competition Ted Cruz, who is against abortion rights for those who are raped.

Trump has said he would “consider” a plot to overturn equal marriage, and has assured Republicans he wouldn’t block a ‘religious freedom’ law to permit anti-gay discrimination. Ms Clinton has a historic raft of LGBT rights promises, and endorsements from a vast number of rights groups.