Ted Cruz quits Presidential race and punches wife in the face

Ted Cruz has quit the race to be the Republican nominee for the US Presidency after losing to Donald Trump in the Indiana primary.

“We gave it everything we’ve got, but the voters chose another path,” Trump told supporters. In an emotional speech he added: “From the beginning I’ve said I will continue on as long as there is a viable path to victory – tonight I am sorry to say it appears that math has been foreclosed.”

Shortly after he quit the race, the Texas senator accidentally punched, then elbowed his wife Heidi in the face.

John Kasich is now the only candidate in the race against Mr Trump. In an email to supporters, his campaign manager Ben Hansen said: “Sen Ted Cruz just dropped out of the presidential race and it’s up to us to stop Trump and unify our party in time to defeat Hillary Clinton.”

The right-wing Senator Cruz stuck it out in the Presidential race to ‘block’ Mr Trump from getting the Republican nomination, even though it was already mathematically impossible for him to win outright himself.

Senator Cruz has strongly backed new anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom’ laws allowing religious people to discriminate against married gay couples and trans people, and also claimed transgender people are a threat to his daughters.

He doubled down on his anti-trans policies last month, by cracking jokes about Donald Trump after Mr Trump came out in favour of trans rights.

His rhetoric parroted the most extreme anti-LGBT groups campaigning on the issue, with one ad depicting a man raping a little girl in a bathroom. Rape is illegal in all 50 states.

It’s not just trans people Cruz opposed: he also pledged to void all same-sex marriagesand faces tough questions about his links with ‘death to gays’ pastors.

Baring delegates switching at the Republican Convention, Donald Trump is now almost certain to be the Republican nominee. His own positions on LGBT rights are extremely confusing.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders racked up a shock victory against Hillary Clinton in the Indiana Primary.