These Olympic runners from different countries were praised for doing this when they fell

Two runners made a lovely gesture to one another at the Rio Olympics, helping each other up when they both fell.

US Olympian Abbey D’Agostino helped out New Zealand runner Nikki Hamblin during the 5,000-metre race.

Athletics - Olympics: Day 11

Hamblin lay on the track as D’Agostino told her to “get up”, saying: “We have to finish this”.
And then Hamblin got up and waited back for D’Angostino to limp up to the finish line.

The two women hugged before D’Agostino was taken away in a wheelchair with her injury.

The pair had collided during the race, about 3/5 of the way through.

Hamblin had fallen, dazed, and lay on the track.

Athletics - Olympics: Day 11

“She helped me first,” Hamblin said. “I tried to help her. She was pretty bad.”

“That girl is the Olympic spirit right there,” Hamblin adds.

Both runners have been reinstated as finalists for Friday’s final race, if they are able.