‘Are you still on Grindr?’ Labour’s Chris Bryant shares bizarre email in Parliament

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Labour MP Chris Bryant has shared an email from an adoring fan.

Mr Bryant, one of Labour’s most prominent out Members of Parliament, was speaking about the government’s Digital Economy Bill in the Commons when he went on a tangent.

He said: “We all know as Members of Parliament that we live in a digital economy, because we have so many emails from constituents and others.

“This email is not from a constituent, but I thought that I would share it with the House.”

“It says: ‘Dear RhonddaYfronts, Just watched you and that other dull dishcloth of an MP on Daily Politics. You both sum up clearly why Labour will never win an election anytime soon. Uninspiring, pathetic career politicians with no substance or gravitas.

“‘Finally, are you still on Gaydar, Grindr, or Scruff? If so, what’s your profile as I quite fancy you.’

“Self-praise is no praise.”

It is only the second time on record that hook-up Grindr has been mentioned by name in the Commons Chamber. The SNP’s Stewart McDonald referenced the app during a debate on crime earlier this year.

In 2003, tabloids attempted to smear Mr Bryant by publishing posing in his underwear from then-popular gay dating site Gaydar – alongside transcripts of sexually explicit messages he sent to other site users.

He later quipped that the scandal helped increase his majority.

Mr Bryant is no stranger to antics in the chamber.

While Shadow Culture Secretary, he flirted with a number of Tory MPs in one memorable exchange.

Referring to the appointment of the Tory sports minister Tracey Crouch, he said: “I welcome the new sports Minister very warmly. I liked her predecessor enormously, but when she was appointed I just wanted to run around and give her a hug. I am very pleased.”

He continued to welcome continuing Minister of State Ed Vaizey, when Wellingborough MP Peter Bone interjected: “Does he get a hug?”

Mr Bryant responded: “No, he does not get a hug. If he really wants one, he can ask for one later, and so can you.”