The cast of Will & Grace FINALLY reunite to take on Donald Trump (WATCH)

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The cast of the hit sitcom reunited after a decade to take on the Republican candidate ahead of last night’s first Presidential debate.

Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally all appear in the video – tagged as a “new scene” from their hit NBC show.

The cast of Will & Grace FINALLY reunite to take on Donald Trump (WATCH)

The scene is set in present day America and sees the characters discussing the upcoming presidential election.

The clip sees Karen (Mullally) shock Will (McCormack) and Grace (Messing) by declaring she will be voting for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, with whom she has just holidayed.

The booze-filled fan favourite claims the businessman is one of her “oldest friends” – she even helped him “pick out Melania.”

Will and Grace then attempts to convince Karen and Jack (Hayes) that Trump would be an awful president.

However, Karen makes her own unique attempt of winning her friends round.

“Honey, if you don’t vote for Trumpy, there will be wars and monsoons and locusts and hordes of brown people pouring over our borders from every direction,” she declares.

“I mean, it’s one thing if you’re sitting in the audience at ‘Hamilton,’ but do you really want to see those people everywhere?”

But Will gets the final word by revealing that Katy Perry – whom Jack adores – is voting for Trump’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Jack then points to Will and says, “I’m with her.”

Check out the NSFW-ish clip in full below:

The reunion for the beloved gay sitcom was confirmed by Messing yesterday, after a series of teasers sent fans into overdrive.

The groundbreaking NBC sitcom ran for eight seasons from 1998 until 2006 – and the show has often been hailed as the watershed moment in LGB visibility in the media.

Last year, Messing said she regrets that the show did not go on for longer.

She also recently shared a touching note from gay flight attendant who says the show “helped him come out”.