RuPaul urges fans to show compassion after producer calls him N-word in ‘psychotic breakdown’

RuPaul’s music producer Lucian Piane has sparked an outpouring of concern with a deliberately offensive expletive-ridden Twitter meltdown.

Gay music producer Lucian Piane – who has made countless appearances on RuPaul’s Drag Race – has been making more and more outspoken comments on social media in recent months.

After coming out as a Donald Trump supporter earlier this month, Piane tweeted a number of increasingly surreal conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton, suggesting that she was a “murderous paedophile”.

In a further meltdown this week, the music producer appeared to set out to deliberately offend as many people as possible.

He tweeted: “If Jews stopped the Holocaust victim shit we would all get along.

“Apparently, @HillaryClinton has a penis. That’s why she wears those outfits. To hide it. She’s a Hermaphrodite!

“Someone please explain why Chinese guys have such tiny dicks…”

In a string of comments about race, he added: “If black people stopped being so ashamed of themselves we could call them n***ers and they would laugh. Backwards shit.

“N***er came from Niger. How horrible for n***ers to be ashamed of their heritage! Celebrate, Black People! Celebrate black people!

“Celebrate faggots! Celebrate n****ers! Celebrate dykes! Don’t believe the media that wishes to divide you!!! Be proud of who you are!

“I love RuPaul, and he’s the wisest n***er I know!!!”

He added “I WANT DRAKE TO MURDER MY HOLE” – a reference to messages sent by Nickelodeon actress Amanda Bynes prior to her stay in a psychiatric facility.

Shortly after the tweetstorm, RuPaul tweeted: “Please show some compassion. We are ALL just a few blood sugars away from a psychotic breakdown.

He added: “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. We ALL walk a fine line when it comes to mental health. Please show some compassion.”