Straight dudes open up about experimenting with men

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Straight dudes of Reddit have come together – pun not intended – to reveal some of their secret gay experiences.

The Reddit confessions thread, asking self-identified straight guys about the gayest thing they’ve ever done with another guy, has attracted hundreds of responses and confessions.

Some of the guys revealed their most NSFW homoerotic experiences, while others shared some truly hilarious or heartwarming stories.

Here’s some of the many responses:
This straight dude had a really great time experimenting at a party

At a party some time ago a (really drunk) guy came up to me and made out with me. I did not really have time to think so i just kind of froze in that moment. Then when the kissing ended he looked at me telling me “I don’t usually do that, but your kind of cute”. I blushed and told him thanks, that I’m not gay but I appreciated the action.
It felt really good since I had a really difficult time with girls at that time with a LOT of rejections, and low self esteem. And I’ve never had my looks complimented before so that was really nice to hear and boosted my confidence for weeks after. I have been kind of bragging about it since.

Okay, this made us cry

I kissed my best friend on the lips while drunk and told him I loved him. He suddenly passed away 2 years ago. I don’t regret doing it one bit.

This straight guy managed to go on a date with a man… without realising it was a date

I made a really big sale at my job and the entire company was really excited about it. A new hire was a guy that was 10-15 years older than me and he asked if I wanted to grab a steak to celebrate. He was a cool guy so I said sure. We had fun at dinner and he insisted on picking up the whole tab. He was talking about how he just moved to town for the job and didn’t know anyone else so I thought I’d be nice and ask if he wanted to see movie or something so we did and I bought the tickets and sodas. After the movie we went our separate ways and the following Monday one of my buddies came into my office and shut the door and started laughing at me. Apparently the new guy was gay and I didn’t pick up on the fact that he thought we were on a date. This was almost 20 years ago in the Midwest. People were still pissed at Ellen for kissing a woman on TV. I felt bad about it for leading that guy on but it didn’t affect our work relationship. We kept hanging out after and it was never awkward. He did bring it up when he moved to a different city and thought it was funny how oblivious I was to the whole thing. He said it was refreshing. As far as I know that was the only gay date I have been on.

The top-voted comment was from a guy who jerked off with his best friend… and then played Mario Kart

I jerked off with a friend. It was in high school. I was spending the night at my friend’s house. It was a sweltering summer night, so my friend and I were in just our boxers, hanging out in his back house.
Porn somehow comes on TV (I can’t remember if he put it in a DVD or what). We’re just talking about the girls and next thing I know my friend is obviously hard and rubbing himself. I start to do it too. In a matter of minutes we’re both jerking off on the couch next to each other. He cums really fast and I immediately feel awkward. I finally end up cumming…into a sock. It was weird because we just acted like nothing happened. He turned off the porn and we started playing Mario Kart. Never talked about it again and we were friends for years.

This is really cute

Me and my best friend will get intimate for no reason whatsoever. Walking around with other friends? We’ll hold hands just to make it weird for anyone that notices. Sitting at home? He’ll come and sit on my lap sometimes. Snide comments galore amd much fun to be had. We have fun with it, pretty sure neither of us are actually gay.

This is ONE way to settle an argument!

Received a blowjob from a guy once. He and my then girlfriend were arguing over who could do it better. I wasn’t about to let her go down on someone else, so I volunteered as tribute. She won.

There’s dozens of stories like this, of course

In middle school me and a group of friends used to put porn on the TV and jerk off with each of us in different chairs in the living room. We never really looked at each other or talked about it to much.
Sometimes you gotta run one out right?

There’s a few baffling childhood games

In high school my and my friend put little barbie sized cowboy hats on our erections and had a stand off at high noon.

This guy might not be gay, but he’s a trooper

Sucked a dick. Not for me. Let him finish on me, though (because having a cock makes you not want to be a cock-tease.)

Mixing drugs with sexual experimentation did not go well for this guy

I had a homoerotic experience while on MDMA. No actual fucking, but got my dick sucked by a guy. Couldn’t get it up, though. MDMA just kinda makes you OK with whatever. I wanted to like it, I tried to like it, but the whole time it was happening, I just keep thinking about the fact that it was a guy doing it, and it would make me laugh, and just wasn’t sexy in the way it is when a girl does it. So, he finally got tired of sucking my limp dick and we went to sleep. That was the end of that.

‘Brojobs’ are a thing, apparently

I’ve gotten brojobs before. I’m not attracted to men and cannot see myself in a serious relationship with a man but I like brojobs just for the pleasure. I’ve also gotten bjs from women. Men are much better at it and seem to like it more than most women.

And sometimes… you just don’t need to say that much

I’m in a fraternity.

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