Troye Sivan has an important message of love for young LGBT people

Troy Sivan

Troye Sivan has spoken out about the lack of young LGBT role models he had while growing up.

The 21-year-old explained in an interview with the Paper that public figures like George Michael and Ricky Martin were a different generation to him, but the lack of representation has spurred him to be a figure for younger LGBT people.

Troye Sivan has an important message of love for young LGBT people

In an interview Paper, the publication asked about his role models growing up, and whether they affected the influence on his career.

They asked: “Growing up, did you have any LGBTQ role models that you looked up to? Or did the lack of representation influence you to do what you’re doing today?”

“I think the latter. I think the lack of representation is definitely something that kind of shaped the way that I’m trying to mould my whole career,” Sivan explained.

“I remember the first gay kiss that I ever saw on TV and how much it blew my mind. And I never saw it again for a number of years.

“Eventually then hearing about someone like Ricky Martin coming out, or George Michael, and those were kind of the ones that I saw and I just couldn’t see myself in those people. They were so much older than I was. And, yeah, it was just a different world.

“I’m always trying to be true to myself. Hopefully some people will be able to see themselves in me. And think, “Oh! I’m like that person.” Or at the very least understand that it’s okay to be different.”

Sivan went on to speak about his younger fans, and sent a message of love to them.

“I’d like to influence my younger fans so that they understand that the things that make you weird or different when you’re a kid are so often the things that end up making you the coolest when you’re older, and shape your profession and your job.

“I would just say, stick with what you love, do what you love regardless of who you are, and be unapologetic about who you are, and everyone will figure themselves out around you. It’s not your job to make other people feel comfortable. They’ll all kind of fall into place, hopefully.”