Melissa McCarthy killed it as press secretary Sean Spicer on SNL

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Melissa McCarthy appeared as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on SNL last night and absolutely killed it.

The actor, who recently starred in the Ghostbusters remake, took on the role of Spicer and perfectly mocked relations between the Trump administration and the press.

Melissa McCarthy killed it as press secretary Sean Spicer on SNL

McCarthy completely nailed the relationship as she took a defensive stance against each journalist.

She addressed the “rocky start” that Spicer and the press had: “When I say rocky start, I mean it in the sense of Rocky the movie. Because I came out here to punch you! In the face!”

Before starting on the group of journalists, that included Kristen Stewart, ‘Spicer’ talked about apologising to the reporters.

“I’d like to begin today by apologising on behalf of you, to me, for how you treated me in the last two weeks.”

The actor goes on to announce Trump’s schedule for the day, and addresses his recent pick for Supreme Court nominee.

“The crowd greeted him with a standing ovation, lasted a full 15 minutes. You can check the tape. Everyone was smiling. Everyone was happy,” she shouted at the press with a pretty menacing stare. “The men all had erections. And every single one of the women was ovulating left and right.”

A New York Times reporter asked Spicer about Trump’s travel ban. “It’s not a ban,” Spicer said. “Not a ban. The travel ban is not a ban which makes it not a ban.”

“You just called it a ban,” the reporter replies.

Melissa McCarthy killed it as press secretary Sean Spicer on SNL

“He’s quoting you. It’s your words. He’s using your words when you used the words and he uses them back, it’s circular using of the word and that’s from you,” Spicer deflected.

The more questions asked by reporters, the more it rubbed on McCarthy’s character, who decided to bring some visual aids out to help guide the press conference, including a plastic-poo to represent that “the president will not be de-turd.”

Spicer turns on the press once again, as he uses his podium to run into those he doesn’t like and even uses a water gun to spray a reporter who asked why Jews were not mentioned in the Holocaust Remembrance Day statement.

The scene also features a CNN reporter in a nappy, pleading “we’re not fake news!” and Kate McKinnon playing Betsy DeVos, the controversial nominee for education secretary.

A recent SNL sketch saw Alec Baldwin return to his role as Trump as the president made out with Vladimir Putin, FBI & Ku Klux Klan.

Kate McKinnon also made a fitting tribute to Hillary Clinton, a character she played numerous times in the run up to the election, in a cold open that saw her emotionally sing Hallelujah.

You can watch the full, hilarious sketch here: