George Michael’s huge fortune frozen by lawyers

George Michael’s vast assets are to be frozen.

The move could leave his final boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz, without a roof over his head.

“Lawyers and the executor will effectively turn off the tap on spending — meaning the gas and electric could be cut off and Fadi made to leave”, according to The Sun.

George Michael’s fortune is worth an estimated £105m from his three decades as a performer and singer.

It includes the star’s £2.5m London home, which Fawaz will likely be kicked out of.

It comes after Michael’s childhood friend, Andros Georgiou, labelled Fawaz a “gold digger” and claimed “Fadi was not really his boyfriend”.

He’s also reported to have been banned from the funeral, after loved ones broke into a public row about the arrangements.

The singer’s body remains unburied as toxicology tests continue.

It’s expected to be another four weeks before conclusions of the tests can be drawn and the funeral take place.

That’ll make it 13 weeks since the Wham! singer passed away on Christmas Day 2016.

The reasons for the hold-up is not publicly known, but it’s expected the funeral will include loved ones and famous friends.

Adele recently wept as she paid tribute to the star.

Police are still treating the death as unexplained but non-suspicious

Authorities are now also investigating how Fadi Fawaz’s 999 call came to be leaked.

Fawaz revealed that he slept in his car after finding his boyfriend dead, and had tried for an hour to wake him up.