Gay Republicans are now protesting the Trump official they helped put in power

A gay Republican group is very upset about Education Secretary Betsy DeVos attacking trans rights… just weeks after they enthusiastically lobbied support for her confirmation.

The Trump administration last month sparked anger by revoking protections for transgender kids, reversing policies put in place by Barack Obama.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Trump all greenlit the change, deciding to revoke guidance that extended civil rights anti-discrimination protections to cover gender identity as well as sex and race.

DeVos defended the decision, claiming that the anti-discrimination protections had been a “very huge overreach” by the Obama administration.

The change has upset the Log Cabin Republicans, who have now written a letter to DeVos urging her to rethink the decision.

In this letter they expressed “deep concerns” with DeVos’ agreement to rescind the protections, urging her to act to minimise harm to trans kids and support “their ability to receive an education”.

We can’t help but note that their letter of protest comes less than two months after the very same gay Republican group heavily lobbied in favour of DeVos’ during her confirmation battle.

They wrote a glowing recommendation letter during DeVos’ confirmation hearing, insisting that she would stand up for equality.

Amusingly, their website still heavily promotes their now-belied letter in support of DeVos, which claimed she had been falsely “maligned in the media as an anti-gay activist” but would actually stand up for LGBT equality.
Gay Republicans are now protesting the Trump official they helped put in power

The group also posted several messages to social media urging members to call their Senators and lobby in favour of DeVos’ confirmation, which was only pushed through when VP Mike Pence broke the tied 50-50 vote.

In their recommendation letter at the time,  the group wrote: ” Log Cabin Republicans, the country’s original and largest organization of LGBT conservatives and straight allies, strongly encourages [DeVos’] confirmation.

“Ms. DeVos has been maligned in the media as an ‘anti-gay’ activist—allegations directly stemming from her personal views on marriage… and contributions from her family foundation (to which she was not a direct party).”

“Far from an ‘anti-gay’ firebreather, Ms. DeVos actually has a history of working with and supporting gay individuals.

“Ms. DeVos should be commended for proving that differences of opinion related to marriage equality do not equate to anti-gay animus.

“Log Cabin Republicans stands in support of her nomination for Secretary of Education, and encourages her swift confirmation.”