Glee’s Darren Criss opens up about making out with a different man every night

Glee’s Darren Criss has opened up about being required to make out with a different man every single night.

The actor  who played beloved gay character Blaine on Glee, made a splash in 2015 role appearing in gender-defying Broadway musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

The actor was one of a string of famous faces to take up the mantle of transgender rocker Hedwig, stepping into the high heels vacated by Neil Patrick Harris.

Appearing on Conan this week, Criss opened up about a part of the show in which he’d have to passionately make out with a random man from the audience.

He explained: “Kiss is a very polite term… I’d put my head inside their mouth, basically… I’d molest ticket-paying audience members.

“For the most part, people familiar with the show, it’s a very rambunctious sort of crew, it’s got a large following and people know what they’re getting into for the most part when they come see the show.

“I would try and target the most conservative-looking straight boys, because that’s just more fun.”

He added: “One night I remember going for this one dude… I basically roughed him up quite a bit, he had make-up on him all up in everywhere.

“Afterwards he came backstage and was a good sport about it. On the way out, me being pleased with myself for giving a rolicking good time to a conservative young man, a couple goes to me, ‘do you know who that was? That’s our favourite gay pron star!’.

“This guy’s clearly seen more than I ever have. Apparently he’s very well-liked!”

The 1998 musical was written by John Cameron Mitchell – who also originated the role.

Hedwig has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years – winning a Tony Award in 2014, while Cameron Mitchell received a Special Award for his dedication to theatre.

Composer Stephen Trask said: “The whole point of many of the songs and much of the subject matter of the show was to break down the walls between different categories that we perceive as being opposites, like male and female or straight and gay.”