People are saying this goldfish is homophobic

A goldfish has found itself at the centre of a homophobia row.

The fish is part of an advert for Kellog’s cereal which aired in Australia – and it’s got some LGBT activists angry.

The ad shows a fish swimming around their bowl, before discovering Sultana Bran cereal next to his bowl.

Each time it goes round the fish remarks at just how much bran is in the cereal.

But the fish’s accent is what has annoyed some viewers, saying it has a voice associated with camp men.

The scale of the problem has grown after Kellog’s received a number of official complaints to the advertising standards watchdog.

Kellog’s have refuted that the fish is pandering to homophobic stereotypes – insisting it has no gender.

Meanwhile an ad about same-sex marriage in Australia has caused a boycott of their biggest brewer.

“By utilising the camp voice and tones the advert and advertisers have perpetuated the stereotypical characteristics of gay males that have been criticised over the last decade,” one of the complaints read.

“And [the advertisers are] contributing to the denigration of the LGBTIQ community and in particular towards gay men.”

In a statement, the cereal brand said: “The goldfish was not depicted, nor given features or movements, which were homosexual in nature.

“Further, the advertisement made no reference to homosexual relationships.

“There was no innuendo or further suggestion of anything other.”

And the ads watchdog has rejected the complaint too.

It said that because “in the context of a humorous scenario of a goldfish forgetting what it has just said and repeating itself, the depiction of a talking fish with no identifiable gender is not negative or demeaning to any person”.