UKIP voters most supportive of bestiality

UKIP voters are the least likely to oppose bestiality, and the most likely to think it should be legal, a poll has found.

The YouGov poll divided by voting preference asked opinions on whether a woman should have been spared jail after having sex with a dog.

The American woman, arrested earlier this week, apparently didn’t know bestiality is illegal.

UKIP voters most supportive of bestiality

The question asked: “A woman has been spared jail for having sex with a number of dogs over several years after claiming she did not know it was illegal to sleep with animals. Do you think it should or should not be illegal to have sex with an animal?”

Out of the main UK political parties, the most UKIP voters said they thought bestiality should be legal, at 12 percent. This compares to 11 percent of Conservative voters, 10 percent of SNP and Labour voters and 8 percent of Liberal Democrats.

Less UKIP voters also thought that bestiality should be illegal, at 74 percent.

Surprisingly, out of all respondents, 11 percent on average said they thought bestiality should be legal and just 75 percent said they thought the crime should remain illegal.

81 percent of women said it should be illegal compared to 68 percent of men and broken down by age, just 62 percent of 18-24 year old respondents said it should be illegal with the percentage peaking at 75 for those aged 50-65.

The woman in question, from the US state of Ohio, pleaded not guilty this week to having sex with a dog, despite authorities saying she was filmed doing so.

UKIP voters most supportive of bestiality

Amber Finney, 33, entered the plea on Monday after being arrested on Sunday when someone recognised her in a pharmacy and called police.

The city of Warren last year became the first Ohio city to criminalise bestiality, and a state law took effect in March.

Finney claims she had her drink spiked and that the videos were fake.