Sad news for fans at George Michael’s grave

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There is bad news for fans of George Michael wanting to pay respects at his grave.

The resting spot of the late legend, at Highgate cemetery in north London, will not be open to fans.

The grave is positioned in a private area of the London resting place, and will not be accessible to the general public.

A tall barrier was placed around the gravestone after the singer’s funeral service on March 29, blocking the space from view.

His burial plot, in Highgate Cemetry, north London, is next to his late mother.

Michael’s beloved mum Lesley died 20 years ago in 1997.

The star had always intended to be buried next to her, buying the burial plot ready for when the occasion came around.

His March funeral was attended only by close friends and family, with approximately 60 people thought to have been at the burial.

16 blacked out cars were seen arriving for the service, which was said to be intimate and organised by the singer’s sister, Melanie Panayiotou.

Geri Horner, who gave her newborn son the middle name George, is thought to have delivered the eulogy.

Black drapes were lifted as each car arrived at the cemetery, allowing the approved vehicles to go through without showing the scene to those outside.

Cars going into the funeral had numbers displayed in their windows, to indicate they were for the star’s funeral.

Sad news for fans at George Michael’s grave

His boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz, was reportedly banned by from the wake, after the funeral service, by the star’s family.

His partner, Fadi Fawaz, was seen racing to Highgate cemetery shortly after 2pm to make the burial.

According to MailOnline, he was walking in nearby Camden when he was told of the service.

It’s alleged reporter informed him of the funeral, prompting him to turn up swiftly.

The boyfriend was then the last to arrive at the service after rushing to make the burial.

However he left before the wake after the family reportedly refused to let him attend, forcing him to be taken away in a blacked out car before other guests.

Former bandmate Andrew Ridgely was among those at the wake, along with Spice Girl Geri Horner and model Kate Moss.

The Wham! singer’s previous boyfriend, Kenny Goss, attended both the burial and the wake.

The snub comes as George Michael’s cousin made shocking claims about the late star’s boyfriends.

Andros Georgiou has suggested the singer was never in love with his partners Kenny Goss and Fadi Fawaz and that they were just a “convenience”.

The Wham! singer’s 39-year-old cousin previously lashed out, saying the family “hate” Fadi Fawaz.

Mr Georgiou wrote on Facebook – in a post since deleted – that his ex-boyfriend Anselmo Feleppa, who died of complications from HIV AIDS in 1993, was the only true “love of his life”.

It was originally thought Mr Fawaz wasn’t invited to the burial, and it remains unclear whether he was formally invited, or just turned up and was let in on the day.

Since his death, dozens of people have opened up about the singer’s extraordinary generosity and anonymous philanthropy, donating millions to good causes without revealing his identity.