WWE almost made famous wrestler Brock Lesnar gay


It has been reported that wrestler Brock Lesnar was almost written as a “gay character” by WWE officials.

Former WWE writer Brian Solomon pitched the idea for Lesnar’s character to be gay for television, but didn’t want Lesnar to display “any of the stereotypes associated with gay men”.

Lesnar has appeared on WWE’s scripted reality wrestling shows for more than a decade and is currently WWE Universal Champion.

According to the Inquisitr, he said the wrestler wouldn’t “prance around”, but would be a complete a**-kicker.

Stephanie McMahon was quoted as being “intrigued by the idea of being progressive”.

The potential story change was leaked a few years ago, with people voicing their opinions online.

The WWE team were originally in favour of the change.

Stephanie apparently liked the idea of a “strong gay character” as it would make the WWE look good with the progressive community.

However, others weren’t so keen on the idea.

“…Brock isn’t gay, which lessens the social impact by essentially saying “don’t worry, he’s not really homosexual.” – Sean Rueter, Cageside Seats.

In the end, Brock’s character was kept heterosexual.

But the idea wasn’t scrapped completely, and was eventually given to Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo (of “Billy & Chuck”).

The gimmick worked well for the duo, who found a lot of success.

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