A major character has returned to Will & Grace

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A major character from the original series has returned to Will & Grace.

The third episode of the revival, which aired last night in the US, dealt with a hang-over from the orignal show – Grace’s ex-husband Leo.

The show’s original ending saw Grace fall out with Will and re-marry Leo, flashing forward to a future where the pair were married with a teenage daughter.

However, the revival flushed most of the divisive ending down the pan, confirming that a childless Grace had divorced Leo for a second time and moved back in with Will.

A major character has returned to Will & Grace

Last night’s episode dealt with the fall-out from the changes, with actor Harry Connick, Jr. returning to the show as Leo.

In the episode, Leo is accidentally brought back into Grace’s life during a breast cancer scare, as he is still listed as her emergency contact.

In the new timeline, a bitter Leo needles Grace over her “weird” friendship with Will, blaming them for their marriages not working out.

He tells her: “You never shared anything with me. You always ran to Will.

“Wasn’t that the problem with our marriage?

“You could never be in a relationship with me, because you’re always gonna have this weird thing with Will.”

A major character has returned to Will & Grace

Will and Grace are left to wonder whether their friendship was the reason that their marriage failed.

Grace asks: “Is Leo right? Did our relationship ruin my marriage?

“Was I supposed to go to him instead of you? Are we weirdly close?”

But Will draws a comparison to Princess Diana.

He says: “Remember how we both hated Camilla Parker Bowles?

“Everyone thought she was the villain, because she broke up this storybook romance. But all she really did was help Charles realize the storybook wasn’t true.”

Will explains that Leo is Diana, and “I’m Camilla”.

A major character has returned to Will & Grace

He adds: “The point is, no happy marriage ends in divorce. You tried everything you could.

“You only came to me when you already knew it was over, just like I came to you when things with Vince were over.”

Leo and Grace eventually reconcile, as Grace admits she could never forgive Leo for cheating on her in their first marriage.

She admits: “I tried so hard, Leo, but I just couldn’t forgive you.”

The pair part on good terms, though – sharing a brief intimate moment.

A major character has returned to Will & Grace

The door is left decidedly open, as Leo says: “See you around, Adler”.

Harry Connick Jr is one of several original recurring stars set to return to the show, with Leslie Jordan set to return as Karen’s frenemy Beverly Leslie, and Bobby Cannavale expected to come back as Will’s ex-husband Vince.

One key original character has ruled out a return to the show, though – leading to a last-minute replacement.