Homophobic Senate candidate ‘took secret six-figure sum from anti-LGBT charity’


An investigation has shown that anti-gay Senate candidate Roy Moore has secretly been in receipt of a six-figure-salary from the charity he founded.

Moore, who believes that homosexuality should be illegal, has been allegedly drawing a salary from the Foundation for Moral Law, an Alabama based non-profit that he founded in 2002.

Internal charity records obtained by the Washington Post detail over $1 million in wages paid to Moore between 2007-2012, all despite Moore publically stating that he did not receive a regular salary from the organisation.

His contract with the foundation was peculiar in that Moore would be paid any speaking fees and donations he was responsible for, with the charity contributing directly if these fees totalled less than $180,000 per year.

The Foundation for Moral Law aims to “restore the knowledge of God in law and government” and is said to have financially supported Moore after his first removal from the state Supreme Court.

This first removal came for his refusal to remove a statue of the ten commandments from the state courthouse.

Roy Moore campaign bus
Roy Moore’s campaign bus for the Republican Senate nomination (Photo by EricSnitilWx/Twitter)

Moore is the current frontrunner for a vacant seat in the US Senate, recently winning the Republican primary in Alabama.

Donald Trump has now given his support for Roy Moore, after originally supporting his opponent Luther Strange.

The Senate seat was previously held by US Attorney General Jeff Sessions but was vacated when Sessions joined the Trump Administration.

In 2016, the former chief justice was recorded saying that transgender people are mentally ill after multiple complaints were made about his ethical violations.

According to the Washington Post, when fundraising was at a low point, Moore’s salary cost nearly a third of all donations for that year.

Additionally, when unable to pay Moore’s full salary in 2012, the charity gave the former judge an ‘I-O-U’ for over $540,000.

This salary was hidden from both state and federal tax records, prompting the IRS to begin an investigation into any tax evasion and whether Roy Moore has received any benefit from the work of the Foundation.

Moore has been consistently homophobic, leading him to be known as one of the most homophobic politicians in recent American history.

Showing a lack of understanding of both trans people and basic maths, Moore once stated that a marriage between two transgender people is actually a marriage between four people.

The former judge once claimed that same-sex marriage would ‘destroy the country’ saying: “They’re toying with something that’s like dynamite, that will destroy our country. I think eventually, over a period of time, it will.”

In 2016, he was removed from the Alabama Supreme Court for repeated ethics violations after multiple attempts to prevent equal marriage in the state.