Transphobic posters offer ‘gender-neutral dog walking’ in London

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A spate of transphobic posters appeared in East London offering a ‘gender-neutral dog walking service’ for ‘gender-fluid canines.’

The posters were initially spotted by Twitter user @sarcastathon in the Shoreditch area of East London.


Transphobic posters offer ‘gender-neutral dog walking’ in London
(Photo: @sarcastathon / Twitter)

The posters feature several parodies of inclusive attitudes to transgender people, including: “For all your gender-fluid canines.”

The advert continues with a satirical take on the concept of safe spaces: “only walked in 100% safe spaces.”

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Artist Liam Gibson has claimed responsibility for the posters, posting a photo to his Instagram, captioning it: “latest mischief.”

The post has attracted several comments criticising the author’s attempt at humour.

One commenter criticised the artist’s caption, saying: “‘mischief’ or ongoing work to perpetuate culture where people get bullied & suicide/self harm levels are multiple times national average?”

Another commenter added: “Transphobia is not a joke.”


To clarify, dogs cannot have genders as gender is something that only humans have the capacity to identify.

As dogs cannot (as far as we are currently aware) understand their own sense of self, they are unable to have a gender.

Dogs are also unable to be masculine or feminine and therefore cannot have a gender expression.

They do have a sex, however.

Contrary to dogs, people are able to have a gender, due to the ability to identify a sense of self.

People are also able to express their gender through a variety of ways including clothing and hairstyles.

Gender-fluid people also exist and are typically defined as people whose gender identity is not fixed and fluctuates over time.

Several people, including TV host Piers Morgan, have been criticised in recent months for their discussion of non-binary and gender-fluid people and rights.