Celebrity Big Brother: Andrew Brady hits out against an Ann Widdecombe win after his eviction

Former housemate Andrew Brady has hit out at current frontrunner Ann Widdecombe, calling her potential win “the worst thing for Celebrity Big Brother.”

Former MP Ann Widdecombe has defied early expectations to become the favourite to win the celebrity reality show, at 7/4 odds to win – having been 50/1 on entering the house.

Her sudden popularity has divided many, including recently evicted housemate Andrew Brady.

In an interview shortly after his eviction Friday night, Andrew said that a victory for the former MP would reflect badly on the show.

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He said: “I don’t think Ann should win. If Ann wins this show it will be the worst thing for Celebrity Big Brother.

“The emphasis of this show is about women, and celebrating women’s rights a hundred years ago.”

This year’s Celebrity Big Brother has taken on a feminist theme with the ‘Year of the Woman’, intended to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women’s partial suffrage.

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The former Apprentice star then directly criticised the 70-year-old for her views on LGBT rights.

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Andrew said: “The views that people expressed a hundred years ago that stop women have the vote before that, are the same views Ann has today about homosexuality.

“She shouldn’t win it. She goes against everything. Equality, diversity.”

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Earlier in the series, Ann came to blows with fellow housemates due to her views on LGBT issues, including same-sex marriage.

The former MP made headlines earlier this week after nominating Andrew and drag star Courtney Act for eviction for being ‘sexual’.

Andrew and Ann argued after these nominations, with Ann suggesting that Andrew’s family would be ashamed of him due to his play-fights with Courtney.

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Andrew replied: “Some of the views you’ve verbally expressed, if I was related to you, I’d be ashamed of you.”

The Apprentice star later branded Ann a ‘c**t’ much to the dismay of his other housemates.

In his interview after his eviction, Andrew then apologised for his remarks.

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He said: “I apologised for what I said. At the time I was heated, and I had not received a letter from my family saying they were proud of me.

“It was difficult to hear that from her. Three weeks in there when you still haven’t had contact from your family.

“I still have a bit of hostility towards her because of that, but I don’t think she’s a bad person.”

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Andrew continued: “I do regret using the c-word, but I feel like she went too far with how she brought my family into it.”

2018’s version of Celebrity Big Brother is expected to be one of the longest ever, running for 32 days.