Big Brother: Fans defend Hallie after she is among three housemates nominated for eviction

Big Brother housemate Hallie.

Fan-favourite Hallie is up for eviction from the Big Brother house this week, alongside housemates Dylan and Trish.

Although Hallie and Trish had initially received the most nominations from their fellow housemates, Dylan was also put up for eviction after one housemate’s votes were revoked for breaking a rule.

After the housemates cast their votes on Wednesday night, Big Brother announced that Yinrun had broken a house rule and would be punished accordingly.

Big Brother's trans housemate Hallie in a promotional image for ITV
Big Brother star Hallie is up for eviction this week. (ITV)

“The housemate that broke the rule is Yinrun,” said Big Brother.

“This rule break has affected the outcome of this week’s nominations.”

Yinrun had nominated both Hallie and Kerry for eviction, but her votes will no longer be counted as a result of her rule break.

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That means that Trish received five nominations from Dylan, Jenkin, Kerry, Paul, and Tom, while Hallie received four nominations from Chanelle, Jenkin, Jordan, and Tom.

Thanks to the disappearance of Yinrun’s vote, Hallie is now tied with Dylan, who received four nominations from Kerry, Noky, Olivia, and Trish.

One of those three housemates will be evicted from the Big Brother house on Friday night (27 October), and that decision is down to viewers at home, who can vote now on the Big Brother app.

Hallie’s supporters are already campaigning for her on social media, rushing to the 18-year-old’s defence after her rocky week in the house.

Many argued that Hallie adds too much to the show to go home now.

“Sorry but people wanting to evict Hallie are the reason this show died in the first place,” tweeted one fan. “Stop evicting people with a personality!”

A second pointed out that “Hallie and Trish probably add the most to the house dynamic in there.”

And another threatened: “If Hallie goes that’s me done, there are no big characters like her in this year’s BB.”

Hallie made headlines during her first week in the Big Brother house when she came out as a trans woman to her housemates.

The revelation led to a sweet moment as her fellow housemates shared their own pronouns, and Hallie later shared that she would use the prize money for to pay for gender-affirming care.

Hallie has received lots of praise for being so brave – even getting a special shout-out from fellow trans reality star Ella Morgan Clake last week – but it hasn’t been an easy ride for the 18-year-old.

After answering some rather invasive questions from housemates on week one when she first came out as trans, Hallie spent a good portion of week two defending herself against the elements.

Not only did she and her fellow housemates spend most of the week camping out in the garden as part of the Happy Happy Happy Camp challenge, but she and Olivia found themselves spending some bonus time out in the grim UK weather when they were put in jail for the first rule break of the season.

Now, after a third challenging week in the Big Brother house, Hallie risks losing her place in the show altogether.

Big Brother continues on Thursday night (26 October) at 9pm on ITV2.