This hilarious viral post about transitioning shows what happens when cisgender people don’t get it

Here’s a fact which not everyone seems to be aware of: people transition.

Transgender people get surgeries and change the way they present themselves to the outside world, all in an effort to feel and look more like their true selves.

These transitions can seem dramatic to the outside world, and they can also be internally dramatic for the person concerned – in a good way.


This can lead to side-by-side transition photos which show how far someone has come over a period of time.

But, it seems, not everyone is able to grasp this concept.

And sometimes, a viral post is the best way to attract attention to this fact.


That is exactly what has happened here, with a post by a trans man – and the accompanying reply from a clearly oblivious person – going viral, thanks to excellent cisgender ignorance aggregator Hot Cis Takes.

It achieved instant internet fame, attracting more than 50,000 retweets and likes, and it deserves every one of them.

After all, it’s perfect in every way.

One person wrote in response: “i’m SCREAMING”.


Another said: “I CACKLED OUT LOUD”.


One person commented, quite rightly: “This is art and I love it.


“I would frame it on my wall it’s so good”.

Another said: “lol it’s nice having one of these that’s funny instead of infuriating for a change”.


And Chrys, who is responsible for the original post, commented: “lmaooooooo”.


There were also some excellent GIF reactions.

Many pointed out that the obliviousness of the person responding in the screenshot was also a comment on how well Chrys had transitioned.

“Passing goals,” one person wrote.


Another said: “I wish I could be that innocent. But hey, it also means it was a really good transition.”


I mean – they’re not wrong, to be fair.

One wrote: “now that is goals”.


And another said: “in an odd way he’s complimenting him on how well he’s passing”.


And yet another person wrote: “This is actually really sweet”.


And they’re right.