Anti-LGBTQ+ troll Lauren Boebert claims she’s never said anything bad about LGBTQ+ people

Colorado representative Lauren Boebert wears a white outfit as she stares somewhere off camera

In the wake of the Colorado Springs shooting, Lauren Boebert has claimed she’s “never had bad rhetoric” towards the LGBTQ+ community despite her history of targeting queer folks. 

Boebert said it was “disgusting” to lay the blame for what happened at Club Q at her feet during an interview with radio station KOAColorado Public Radio reported. At least five people died and 25 others were injured after the mass shooting at the Colorado Springs LGBTQ+ nightclub on 19 November.

The Republican representative faced immense backlash in recent days for her anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, pro-gun stance and for being a mainstream voice disparaging the lives of queer and trans people.

“That is completely false,” Boebert said. “I have never had bad rhetoric towards anyone and their personal preference as an adult.”

She continued: “What I’ve criticised is the sexualisation of our children. And I’ve criticised men dressing up as caricatures of women.”

An individual’s LGBTQ+ identity is not a “personal preference”, despite Boebert’s statement. 

Lauren Boebert wears a black baseball cap with the word 'Colorado' on it

Lauren Boebert said she won’t change her stance or tone towards LGBTQ+ issues in the US. (Getty)

Boebert doubled down on her hateful stance and said she won’t back down from continuing to use anti-LGBTQ+ points to push her agenda. 

“If there’s an issue that comes up where the government, the public system, is sexualising our children I’m going to stand up against that. Absolutely,” she said. “Children can’t get tattoos, but they can be chemically castrated, they could have fixed changes as minors.”

Multiple studies have proven that access to gender-affirming healthcare – such as puberty blockers – can have a positive impact on the mental health and well-being of trans youth

Boebert received backlash online after she a statement following the Colorado Springs mass shooting, saying the victims and their families are in her “prayers”. 

Many pointed out she was at least morally responsible for spreading hateful rhetoric against LGBTQ+ people for years, which many have said contributed to a rise in homophobic and transphobic violence

The LGBTQ+ community and its allies have a long memory and will not forget the hateful things Lauren Boebert has said.

Lauren Boebert demeaned queer parenting in 2021 after she sneered at US transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg taking parental leave, saying he was using the time to “figure out how to chest feed”

She has routinely targeted Dr Rachel Levine, the first openly trans federal official approved by the Senate and the first openly trans four-star admiral in US history

Boebert deadnamed Levine and labelled her as a ‘groomer’ – a slur routinely used against the LGBTQ+ community – in a hateful post on Twitter published in July. She also described Levine’s continued visibility and appointment as proof the US is heading towards “woke medicine”

In recent times, she’s baselessly accused drag performers, trans people and LGBTQ+ allies such as teachers of ‘grooming’ kids. 

She compared gender-affirming healthcare to mutilation and attacked the inclusion of trans athletes in sports in the past. The Colorado lawmaker also suggested children shouldn’t see LGBTQ+ characters on TV shows.

The right-wing pundit claimed airport security is “practically inviting terrorists” to attack the US by “decreasing pat-downs” and “identity validation measures” for trans people.

Colorado representative Lauren Boebert wears a white jacket and blue outfit as she stands in a room

Lauren Boebert has taken to social media multiple times in the past to share her anti-LGBTQ+ views. The rise in such views and rhetoric has been linked to an increase in violence against the community. (Getty)

In April, Boebert suggested there should be an age limit on when LGBTQ+ Americans can come out, transition and make “decisions about their sexuality and identity” – similar to age restrictions on alcohol and tobacco products. 

Just a few months later, in August, she warned drag queens to “stay away” from children in Colorado, directly implying such performers are a threat to young people. Boebert said in another tweet that parents should take their children to church, “not drag bars”

On top of her own statements about the LGBTQ+ community, Boebert amplified the voice of Libs of TikTok – a Twitter account that constantly spreads anti-LGTBQ+ disinformation and rhetoric. 

The account, run by Chaya Raichik, has targeted LGBTQ+ people and allies; drag events; Pride celebrations; and doctors and hospitals that offer gender-affirming care to trans youth. Libs of TikTok attacked a family-friendly drag organisation in Colorado just hours before the deadly Colorado Springs shooting