Drag Race season 10 episode 7 recap: ‘Is this the apparently famous Snatch Game?’ A newbie’s hot take

Every single week PinkNews is asking (read: forcing) RuPaul’s Drag Race newbies to watch and review the show, in a bid to change their lives forever.

This week, PinkNews reporter Benjamin Butterworth buckled up for his second circuit with RuPaul and his squirrel friends.

Last week I lost my Drag Race virginity, and it’s fair to say I didn’t really understand what all the fuss is about. Given how hyped up the show is, I expected something more impressive.

But maybe I got a bad episode? To find out, I’m back to review season 10 episode seven in the hope that another episode will convert me into a Drag Race follower.

This week it’s the – apparently famous – “Snatch Game” episode, where queens dress as celebrities and attempt to make RuPaul and the celebrity judges Audra McDonald and Kate Upton laugh.


If my concern from last week was that the show isn’t as witty as expected, then this ought to be the perfect remedy.

But Ru was concerned not all the queens would live up to expectations – bringing in one of the most famous past stars, Bianca Del Rio, to train the group up.

Kameron Michaels took a dig at Monét X Change saying: “Exchange? Ru, I would’ve asked for a full refund.” Miz Cracker joked, “Aquaria, people don’t appreciate how much money you have to spend on make-up when you’re covering two faces.”

Del Rio wasn’t afraid to tell the queens when their ideas didn’t work, pointing out to one that she could do Beyonce, but she probably wouldn’t be very good at it.


“That was not funny at all,” Ru adds, and Bianca interjects, “Either she tells you now or she tells you later.”

RuPaul also maternally guided another away from the idea of doing Whitney Houston. He cautioned against any jokes about “powdered sugar under the nose” and advised to keep the tone higher than that, if you will.

The eight queens dressed up as Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Maya Angelou, Beyonce, her daughter Blue Ivy Carter, Honey Boo Boo, Dorothy Parker, Chyna and Melania Trump.


Not all of them were funny. For any Brits watching that enjoy Blankety Blank, which is what this game essentially is, then they’d find random celebrities somewhat funnier than these pro drag queens.

Aquaria’s Melania Trump and Monét’s Maya Angelou were the stand out performances, alongside Eureka O’Hara’s Honey Boo Boo, which was always going to be funny.

A snip from Mrs Trump responding to a barb by Chyna, “no wonder why my husband is complaining about [China] all the time!” easily took the day as the best line.


The queens break into a segment about whether drag should be political, which they seem to agree it should be.

“Drag should only be an escape from reality, but drag can also help us face reality.”

This week’s catwalk is mermaids, and it’s where there’s no dispute about the talent. The queens line up in stunning outfits – scary mermaid, bitchy mermaid, pretty mermaid, and there’s no doubting their talent.


Conclusion? This episode is far better than the last. If you’re rushing through the series on catch-up, skip episode six, but stick with this one.

It still isn’t as funny as I thought Drag Race is meant to be, and I probably won’t be lining up at Drag Con anytime soon. But it’s hard not to have huge respect for the queens’ talents.