Queer Eye’s latest makeover is taking place in a town called Yass

Queer Eye‘s marketing game knows no bounds.

The Fab Five have stolen our hearts with recipe books, radio appearances and general adorability to boot.

And now the team have gone to ridiculous levels in order to steal even more hearts than they did in the first season – by conducting a makeover in the town of Yass, Australia.


For those not in the know, ‘yass’ is one of the top-tier catchphrases of the boys.

Adopted from ballroom vernacular used by queer people of colour in the voguing scene, the term is a popular one among the Queer Eye boys.

But as well as this, it’s also a town in New South Wales, Australia – making this a makeover that is going international.


Jonathan posted a picture of the crew in the town alongside a police officer.

“I stan a lady police officer & a country with sensible gun control!” the hair and beauty guru wrote.


The town’s tourism board has reportedly welcomed the boys in to do their best work.

Featuring on a billboard just outside of the town, the men are said to be attending a Yass Valley Tourism media event on Wednesday night, with a production in attendance, reported GSN.

We’re not sure how many people they’ll be transforming, considering the place has 16,500 inhabitants.

The town is located about 37 miles away from Canberra.

It’s clear to say that the boys know what they’re doing when it comes to transforming the lives of their beneficiaries.

In other Queer Eye news, while Tom and Abby recently remarried, AJ and his partner Andre also tied the knot and became husband and husband.


AJ stole our hearts when he came out to his stepmother after receiving a transformation on the programme.

The heartwarming letter told of AJ’s struggles to share his sexuality and his regret at not telling his father.

The reboot of Queer Eye will premiere on Netflix on June 15.