Everyone is in love with Queer Eye’s first female hero, Miss Tammye

Queer Eye is back on Netflix for a second season, and its first episode’s hero is already melting hearts.

Tammye Hicks – known affectionately as Miss Tammye – is the first woman to be made over on the hit Netflix show and she won the hearts of Twitter users everywhere.

If you haven’t started the show’s second season yet, you might want to look away, as this article discusses scenes from the first episode.

Miss Tammye is a resident of the town of Gay (true story) in Georgia.

The Fab Five visited the small town to work their magic on Miss Tammye, who was recommended a makeover by her neighbour.

But while the Fab Five thought they were the ones giving a makeover, the boys – Karamo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk and Tan France – ended up receiving a spiritual makeover of their own.

A busy mother of three dedicated to her local church and fighting to give her congregation a community centre, Miss Tammye resonated with the Fab Five and viewers thanks to her tolerant and welcoming demeanour.

Miss Tammye on Queer Eye (Netflix)

The episode touched on religion and acceptance, discussing faith and homosexuality. In a particularly emotional scene, Miss Tammye explains how she re-examined her own faith after her son Miles came out as gay when he was 14.

“How can I say that I love god but I cannot love the ones that are right there next to me,” she told the Fab Five.

Her reaction was praised by many, including the Fab Five.

“She thought her faith told her to judge somebody who’s gay. But she chose to see past that and she saw the person that her son is and she changed her mind. […] Not all parents do that,” said food and wine expert Antoni through tears.

“I was worried that we’d be judged and not accepted, but that’s not what I have gotten with Tammye,” said interior design expert Bobby.

All the boys loved Miss Tammye (Netflix)

The episode also focused on Miles’ struggle to fit in, in his hometown and in his church community. Miles was bullied because he was black and gay when he was a teen and feared he would be further rejected by his mother’s very own church.

The Fab Five had a great connection with Tammye throughout the episode, with each of them shedding a few tears after one-on-ones with the selfless mama.

Thanking the group at the end of the episode, Tammye said it was “god’s amazing grace that had brought [the Fab Five] together.”

“Even before you were formed in your mothers’ wombs, [God] knew you,” she told them, once again reducing Antoni to tears.

The Fab Five are back (Netflix)

An outpour of love came Tammye’s way on Twitter, with many viewers admitting her speeches had made them emotional.

“I’ve only watched 1 episode of #QueerEye s2 and I am Emotionally Compromised,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

“Tammye, you are a strong, courageous woman who has taught us all what true love and kindness is. She and the rest of the Fab 5 have set such a strong example for the rest of us,” wrote another.

Here are some other tweets about Tammye’s appearance on the show.

There are eight episodes in Queer Eye’s second season. In another show first, the Fab Five will make over a transgender man for the first time.

Queer Eye Season 2 is streaming now on Netflix.