Nancy Pelosi clarifies ‘I am LGBTQ’ quote

House minority leader and key opponent to Donald Trump Nancy Pelosi has clarified a quote in which she declared “I am LGBTQ,” leading to speculation about her sexuality.

Pelosi is the most senior representative of the Democratic Party in Congress and a crucial figure in opposing Republican policies, including anti-LGBT legislature or attempts to block progress on rights.

She gave a recent quote to Rolling Stone magazine in which she said she was “LGBTQ,” which some people took as a declaration about her own orientation.

She said “I’m LGBTQ, I support those issues. I’m proud to. But they use that – they go into these districts and they say, ‘Too liberal.'”


(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Pelosi has not denied the statement, instead issuing a clarification via a statement from her chief of staff.

The clarification, to The Wrap, said “She means she’s pro-LGBTQ,”

“As Leader and Speaker, Nancy Pelosi has, according to the Advocate, ‘driven LGBT causes further than any other person in Washington.’ The Leader is very clearly referring to her longstanding work in this regard in this interview.”

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Pelosi received a lifetime pro-LGBT achievement award in 2013, has advocated for trans rights and decried rising US trans murder rates.

She also appeared as a special guest judge on Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Pelosi has also been one of the few senior politicians around the world to confront Russian Federation leader Vladimir Putin on LGBT rights.