Fox News pundit claims ‘coordinated effort’ underway to replace God with trans people

Lisa Boothe on the set of the Fox News chat show Fox & Friends.

A Fox News reporter has claimed that there is a “coordinated effort” underway to replace replace God with trans people.

Media personality and Fox News host Lisa Boothe made the bizarre claims during a panel discussion in which hosts discussed Joe Biden’s recent acknowledgement of Trans Day of Visibility.

Biden became the first US president to formally acknowledge the internationally recognised day, which takes place on 31 March each year as a way to celebrate the contributions and existence of trans people everywhere.

However, conservatives were outraged at the coincidental fact that this year’s Trans Day of Visibility happened to fall on the same day as Easter Sunday, prompting right-wing pundits to claim that trans people were trying to subvert Christian beliefs.

During a segment on Fox News’ The Big Weekend Show, host Alicia Acuna opened by saying that there had been “piling on” by Christians condemning Biden’s declaration.

She then read out a quote from secretary of state, Antony Blinken, who was wrongly attributed as “homeland security secretary,” in which he honoured Trans Day of Visibility.

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Lisa Boothe then went on a rant over the controversy, saying that she believed the recognition of Trans Day of Visibility was part of a “clear effort” to “remove God from our society” and to replace God with “false Gods.”

“With this instance, it’s the trans community,” she said. “They clearly want us to bow at the altar of the trans community instead of [bowing] to God.”

Despite Boothe’s and Fox News’ dedication to stopping the apparently godly forces of the trans community – having dedicated hours of coverage on the controversy every day for over a week – the fact that the holiday fell on the same day as Easter is merely a coincidence.

The date that Easter Sunday occurs differs each year, occurring on the first Sunday after the full moon that occurs on or after the spring equinox. Because that day happened to be 31 March, it fell on the same day as Trans Day of Visibility.

Despite this obvious fact, right-wing media organisations like Fox News have continued to use the coincidence as justification for espousing anti-trans rhetoric.

Several of the channel’s hosts have accused the Biden administration of “waging spiritual warfare against Christianity,” ignoring that Biden himself is a Christian, while others have claimed the “trans thing is over” because, in their eyes, the US has “accommodated the trans for quite some time.”