This dancing flight attendant has gone viral, and he’s amazing

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An openly gay flight attendant has gone viral with an epic on-board dance.

Mikey Tongko-Burry, who is also a medal-winning ice skater, gave an emotional final demonstration of Virgin America’s safety video dance before the company’s merger with Alaska Airlines on August 1.

Tongko-Burry with one of his skating medals (Mikey Tongko Burry/facebook)

The flight attendant’s moves were the best we’ve seen since a dancing Hermione went viral went viral at Pride in London earlier this month.

The post has attracted more than 21,000 retweets and likes, with stars like Archer, Criminal Minds and Friends actress Aisha Tyler expressing their love for Tongko-Burry’s moves.

“I will miss @mikeytburry’s ‘safety dance,'” wrote Tyler.

“Only he could make passengers laugh, clap AND feel safe and taken care of in his very special way. I was lucky to experience one of his onboard performances! ⚡️”

The flight attendant responded: “OMG, @aishatyler …. It was such an honour to have you on my plane that day from SFO-LAX…

The flight attendant and his fiancé (Mikey Tongko Burry/facebook)

“You are one of my heroes and knowing how amazing you are, has and still is such a highlight in my life .”

Dance company Dance With Me had an excellent offer for our dancing hero, writing in its quote-tweet: “We want to offer this man a job!”

Tongko-Burry said back: ” #amazed that would be an absolute dream come true .”

Tongko-Burry in one of his many wonderful poses (hunterwalk/twitter)

New York Times technology reporter Mike Isaac wrote: “I’ve had this guy on my flight before. He has perfected the routine. Tru hero.”

Can’t argue with that.

Last month, LGBT activists and allies started ‘floss’ dancing to raise money for anti-bullying equality charity Diversity Role Models.

Tongko-Burry in skating action (Mikey Tongko Burry/facebook)

The trend has seen dozens of people flock to the hashtag #FlossWithPride to upload videos of their best dance moves – except Sinitta, who posted a video of her flossing her teeth instead of performing the dance from video game Fortnite.

Nevertheless, the hashtag saw some of the best viral dancing since Ryan Reynolds strapped on some high heels and danced along to Celine Dion and a philharmonic orchestra for a Deadpool 2 trailer.

The resulting video was a joy to watch, as Reynolds’ pansexual character performed ballet around the Canadian legend, prancing elegantly about the stage in stilettos.