Aja from Drag Race was banned from Twitter for calling out transphobes

Drag performer Aja, who appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 and All Stars 3 was banned from Twitter for calling out transphobes.

Aja, who developed a strong online presence after appearing on the reality TV show, was banned from the social media platform on Wednesday.

The drag queen had been caught up in a Twitter spat with radical feminists who do not believe in transgenderism. Aja is non-binary and uses the pronouns they/them.

According to a Facebook post in which Aja summarised the events that led to their Twitter ban, a trans exclusionary radical feminist, or TERF, was insisting that their identity as non-binary wasn’t “real.”

“I got banned from Twitter because I called a a girl from a group of Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists who were all saying my gender identity wasn’t real a senseless cow,” Aja wrote on Facebook.

“But Twitter didn’t ban the 200-300 people literally devalidating my non-binary identity,” the post goes on.

“I might be blocked but guess what I still identify the same way, I am well validated and alive and happy and nobody can take that,” they added.

Aja went on to write: “Feminism can be practiced by anyone who believes in equality amongst men and women.”

Aja asserted their non-binary identity through their art and music video. (Instagram:@AjatheKween)

During the argument with TERFs, Aja tweeted: “Shut the fuck up you fucking terf – calling me a misogynistic troll? You are a bitter-ass fake feminist. Real feminists support all women and all genders equality. Don’t misgender me. You senseless cow.”

It is believed this tweet earned them the ban.

In another pre-ban tweet, Aja defended their non-binary identity: “I am non binary. I am not male that is not my truth. I do not insult women. I insult ignorance and hate.”

It appears Aja’s account has now been reinstated.

“You’re perfect, you’re beautiful…” Aja gave us one of the most iconic moments of Drag Race Season 9 (VH1)

Last week, the performer went on a lengthy Twitter thread regarding the comments on one of their videos.

“I read an entire thread of comments on my videos of me explaining why I didn’t want to be labeled as just a drag queen,” they wrote, “and honestly I wasn’t going to say anything but bitch, have y’all looked in the mirror?”

“When did it become your job to monitor or control anyone’s gender,” they added, “including saying that people are trans for attention, bashing femmes, enforcing social heteronormative constructs, etc. WTF? Really?”

Aja’s non-binary identity is deeply reflected in their art and music videos, where they play with feminine and masculine codes.