Who is Leonnie Cavill? The Bi Life cast member and club promoter

The Bi Life from E! is a historic dating show which explores the bisexual dating experience for men and women, but who is cast member Leonnie Cavill?

Another Manchester-based cast member, like her co-stars Carmen and Daisie, Leonnie is a club promoter and recently returned back to the UK after a stint out in Ibiza.

As you might expect from someone who works promoting club nights, Leonnie is a free spirit who enjoys the party lifestyle. She isn’t in too much of a rush to find somebody whilst she’s young and having fun.


Although she describes herself as “unlucky in love,” Leonnie also admits that she’s picky and gets bored quite quickly. As a result, she hasn’t been in a proper relationship for seven years, but it’s certainly possible The Bi Life will help to change all that.

She applied to be on the show because she’s looking for adventure and would also like to find a connection with someone. She’s also keen to have more dating experiences with girls, so that she can gain a better understanding of who she is attracted to.

Back in the UK, she goes on regular dates with both guys and girls and thinks that the freedom to explore who you are is “the best thing in the world – I am no longer just stuck in a closet and neither do I feel embarrassed.”


Although there are quite a lot of common misconceptions around bisexual people and those who prefer to keep their sexual identity more open, Leonnie believes a show like The Bi Life can help to change that. She said, “I think that the message that The Bi Life gives out is one that I really stand behind.”

A lot of her friends back home are starting to settle down, but Leonnie isn’t ready to give up the party lifestyle just yet. She’s hoping The Bi Life will help her find a partner who can keep up with her as they share some wild times together.